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Personal Humanist Ceremonies

> Your wedding should be what you want

> It should fit your beliefs

> It should fit your personalities

> You should enjoy it

> Your family and friends should enjoy it

Many couples who aren't religious are looking for a wedding that is more personal than a registry office ceremony. As a Registered Celebrant of the Humanist Society of Scotland I am able to perform legal weddings in Scotland which are then

Years ago the ‘local’ vicar was often too far away to visit more than 2 or 3 times a year and couples who wanted to marry before his next visit would ‘tie the knot’ by being bound together in a handfasting ceremony see our Handfasting page for more information.

I can't promise magic, but between us, we can give it a good go.

As a Humanist Celebrant I also conduct funerals where the family want a non-religious ceremony that celebrates the life of the deceased. by telling stories and anecdotes, reliving memories, and friends and family either reading a eulogy or writing one for me to read, every funeral is unique.

Please contact me to discuss how you can have the ceremony you want.

Member of the British Humanist Association - www.humanism.org.uk


Member of the humanist society scotland

Jan Dunckley

Humanist, non religious weddings and funerals in Dumfriesshire, The Borders,  North and West Cumbria. Working together we create the unique ceremony you want, one to look back on with pride and satisfaction.

Weddings Handfasting

Weddings: the ceremony will be written according to your wishes - which we will discuss in full. Apart from 'the legal bit' which must be done exactly, anything else that is legal and decent can be incorporated into the ceremony. You chose the music, the readings, and your vows to each other. You have full access to the 'script' that is used on the day and are encouraged to make changes to anything I have written that isn't right for you.

Tying the knot, or Handfasting, performed by family or friends, was a way of making a symbolic commitment to each other - used since ancient times when the local minister only visited once or twice a year, it was accepted as a marriage - but for a year and a day.


Personal stories are an important part of Humanist funerals - amusing stories told with affection - reminding the gathering of the reasons they are with you. Memories are all that are left after a death - by sharing these memories we keep them safe.

Because I live close to the Scottish/English Border I have trained with both British Humanist Association (England) and the Humanist Society of Scotland.  I am accredited by both to conduct funerals and legal weddings. I work in Dumfriesshire, The Borders, North and West Cumbria.

Working together we create the unique ceremony you want, one to look back on with pride and satisfaction.

legal world-wide.  Until the law changes in England I can only conduct a celebration of a legal marriage conducted elsewhere, or a commitment ceremony - which has no legal standing.